Volume 2 (N4) 2014

SS cover6.png
SS cover6.png

Volume 2 (N4) 2014


Theme of the Issue:
Orthodox Mission: Yesterday,Today, Tomorrow

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Gates of Heaven
Mission Through Iconography: The Nativity of Christ
Theme of the Issue
Orthodox Mission: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
The Monk and the Governor
God’s People
My Spiritual Father
The Orthodox Family
 Ambassadors of Orthodoxy
Children's corner
Craft Corner: Angels
Our Traditions
“And Make Their Memory to Be Eternal…”
Our Diocese’s History
The Chapel at Fort Ross
80th Anniversary of Our Diocese
“Remember Those Which Have Rule Over You”
Cultural Corner
Father Seraphim Rose: Apostle to the Modern Age
Contemporary Miracles of St. John
“Holy Hierarch John, Pray to God for Us!”
Diocesan Life
Reflections on New Valaam
Pilgrimage to Monterey
 “A Flowering Complexity”


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