Volume 2 (N3) 2014

SS cover5 copy.jpg
SS cover5 copy.jpg

Volume 2 (N3) 2014


Theme of the Issue:
“Beauty Will Save the World”
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Gates of Heaven
‟Beauty Will Save the World”

Theme of the Issue
Within the Radiance of Golden Hues... A Conversation with Artist–Iconographer Tatiana McWethy
We Do Not Create the Beauty: An Interview with Andrei Roudenko
The Icon in Liturgical Space

God’s People
‟I Will Chant Unto My God for As Long As I Have My Being” (The Life and Work of Composer Mikhail Konstantinov (1904–1982))

The Orthodox Family
‟My Dear Son Vladyka” Letters of the Parents and Relatives of St. John (1952–1954)

Children's corner
Learning to Draw a Church

Our Traditions
The Color of a Holiday

Our Diocese’s History
A Sermon in Color

Cultural Corner
The Musical Legacy of the Russian Emigration

Diocesan Life
A Great Feast of the Lord’s Grace in San Francisco

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